Lizzy Anjorin : « 99% des femmes sont des sorcières, avares et sans coeur »

lizzy anjorin

-Lizzy Anjorin estime que 99% des femmes sont des sorcières

L’actrice Nollywood, Lizzy Anjorin est de retour sous les projecteurs et cette fois-ci, cela concerne les femmes.

Selon elle, 99% des femmes naissent des sorcières, avares et sans cœur, et que les hommes doivent rester très loin d’autres femmes lorsqu’ils en ont une.

« 99% des femmes sont nées sorcières, avares et sans cœur, Au moment où vous avez une femme, restez à l’écart d’autres femmes, restez loin des amis et de la famille ».

Lire la suite :

99% of women are born WITCH, STINGY & HEARTLESS;  moment u ve one woman, stay away from another women, stay away from friends /family, if possible take her to everywhere like your mobile phone.. if u can do all this u will be at peace for the rest of ur life but if u cant do all 👆my brother you are in trouble… The witch spirit and it's full band boys in women can be mean and terrible; women can get angry and be restless on baseless issues, they can use their last kobo to do and undo; women are so secretive and heartless- moments she caught u with another woman or u give attention to what she doesn't like, yeparipa.. It takes glory of God to survive it, u will see her praying for you but when you turn back na curse.. Women can keep secret for years with facts and she will even allow you to sleep with her, give you food and everything, but pray not to go broke bcos if u do, she will release all ur secret with her and won't give u money cos she will believe u will give the money to another woman or on something she doesn't like, even if the money is flowing  in her bag, she will become so STINGY… If u are too arrogant and confronting, na only God can safe u bcos while you are away, she will never think of her life or kids, her thought becomes evil and she will be contemplating on whether to pack out, quit or kill u; she will become HEARTLESS… While u are feeling like, I'm the man, she can't dictate for me; mama has gone nude cursing and speaking in tongue on top ur matter, if care is not taking u can crumble in everything u lay ur hand on.. Women don't need to fly or ve feathers to become witch, some women prefer their man to go broke just for him not to ve another woman. . Back to men, all these happens bcos u are not smart, u are evil to urself.. Don't let ur woman see any evil traces in u and always remember every women that suffer with u.. You are behaving like MARADONA and expecting ur woman  to be an angel;  go and re-arrange urself cos she can become ur boss in the future, even with the kids cos when u grow old and can't hold anything again that witch wil turn ur children against u; … cont. from d first comment in d comments section section…

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